Drinking Caffeine is a frequently updated tech commentary by Martyn Chamberlin.

Your Host

I’m Martyn Chamberlin, a software developer. I have an Associates of Science in Information Technology from Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology and a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Northeastern State University. My days are filled writing software and solving real-world problems. This perspective is what drives the contents of Drinking Caffeine.


Drinking Caffeine is hosted on GitHub Pages using Jekyll. Posts are written in Atom. A custom script is used for automating post initialization, and a custom build setup is used to deploy changes to GitHub Pages. At the end of each article, including the micros, is a publish date complete with hour and minute. This date is tailored to the timezone your device is set to.


Most of the software I write is closed source and for others, but here are some viewable projects that I’ve worked on.

Quillify lets you share movies you’ve watched in an interface that’s as drop-dead simple as Instagram’s. It’s still a work in progress. Currently I’m working on a native iOS app for Quillify in Swift.

Sometimes you follow a site very closely and want an SMS whenever it publishes something new. I built a tool that does this, and it’s open sourced on GitHub.

Don’t Muck My Markup
Don’t Muck My Markup is a WordPress plugin that lets you disable all auto-generated HTML markup from your posts and pages on a page-by-page basis.