I’m excited to have made a code contribution towards today’s release of Kramdown 1.13.2, the sole processor of Markdown for GitHub Pages.

My desire for the contribution arose when I noticed that there was a standard white space between the end of a footnote and its reverse footnote link (the link that sends you back to the footnote in the body). The problem with a white space is that it allows this reverse footnote link to get pushed to the next line if there are the right amount of words on the preceding line. Kramdown 1.13.2 changes this so that we’re using   instead of a whitespace. The effect of this is that it guarantees that if the reverse footnote link doesn’t have enough room to reside on the last line of the footnote and must be pushed down to the next line, it takes the final word with it. This guarantees a congruency that is otherwise lost. It’s a minor change, really, but it’s a subtle refinement that makes footnotes and Markdown a little better.

If you’re using Jekyll, to get the Kramdown 1.13.2 on your local machine, just run:

bundle update kramdown

Kramdown should get automatically updated on GitHub Pages server; I assume it refreshes its gem cache several times per day, or alternatively detects the change instantly during deploy.1

Here’s to an improved footnote experience!

  1. I don’t have to worry about this since I’m not beholden to GitHub Pages’ Jekyll engine. I use Codeship and it’s smart enough to cache gems but update them instantly as soon as a change has been detected; my first deploy on Kramdown 1.13.2 had its proper changes reflected. ↩︎