Wikipedia’s entry on Islamism:

The different Islamist movements have been described as “oscillating between two poles”: at one end is a strategy of Islamization of society through state power seized by revolution or invasion; at the other “reformist” pole Islamists work to Islamize society gradually “from the bottom up”.

Islam could be called a religion, but it’s much more than a religion. As a liberal atheistic college professor once told me in a hallway conversation, Islam is a sexist, power-grabbing geopolitical machine. Its ultimate enforcement in the Sharia is incompatible with Western thought and life. Take the time to read Wikipedia’s Political Aspects of Islam page if you don’t believe me.

In the past few days we’ve seen:

Currently the debate is whether radical Islam is isolated to individuals who are deranged, or if it’s in keeping with the longterm goal of Islam, along with its sacred writings.