I find it ironic that macOS is still showing the amount of time until the battery is recharged. If user action on a computer is a determinant in how long it’s going to take to discharge a battery, wouldn’t you think that it would also be a determinant in how it takes to recharge that battery?

Update: as a reader has pointed out, it isn’t actually clear whether user action on a device would slow down a charge. A MacBook Pro can function just fine without a battery, so long as it is plugged in. I found this helpful tidbit on Quora:

When you are plugged in, your laptop is directly powered by the A/C adapter, not the battery; only excess power goes to the battery.

The MacBook Pro I’m using has a MagSafe power adapter of 85W. I’m not sure how much power my computer actually uses, but I’d be surprised if using my MacBook Pro to its limits would leave enough leftover wattage for the battery to get as much as it would if the machine were turned off. But even if that were the case, it wouldn’t be enough to give credibility to my original point. Not only would it have to be true, but the amount of excess wattage remaining during a heavy task versus a light task would have to vary enough to change the estimated time remaining until a full charge. Is that possible? Maybe. I don’t know.

When I was in college, the joke went around asking how many computer scientists it took to change a lightbulb. The smart answer was zero, because a lightbulb is a hardware problem. I’m a computer scientist, not a hardware technician. I have no idea about this stuff, truth be told.

Regardless, it’s an interesting inconsistency at this point that the duration until a full battery is viewable in macOS but not the duration until an empty battery. I’m glad for it though; I don’t agree that the latter was bad enough to warrant its removal, and even if it were, I’d want the former to remain. Consistency is good, but it comes second to user experience. Knowing how long you have to wait until your battery is recharged is a good user experience, and there are situations where it comes in handy. Here’s to it not being removed.