macOS 10.12.4 is bringing iOS’ Night Shift feature to the Mac. Impatient to try it out, I downloaded the beta build yesterday. For a full day now, I’ve had Night Shift enabled. Just like on my iPhone, I’ve scheduled it to turn off at 2:59 AM and to turn on at 3:00 AM. I’ve got to say, it’s sherlocked my Gunnar Optiks. When I disable Night Shift, my screens look horribly blue. Until Apple develops a display technology that shows white - not blue - I’m going with Night Shift.

If you think I’m crazy, here’s an interesting test: put your cursor over the Night Shift toggle and then focus on something in the room that’s a foot above your monitor, then toggle Night Shift back and forth. It doesn’t matter the time of day - the outcome is the same: in your peripheral vision, the default state looks very blue, and the Night Shift state blends into the room much more naturally. You can’t deny it.

Getting used to the yellowness takes a bit of time, but not as much as you’d think. After going a full day this way, I’m completely used to it. Now when I briefly toggle to the default state for a brief moment, it immediately hurts my eyes and I’m shocked how I ever thought that that was normal.

Night Shift is better than the Gunnar Optiks because wearing those gave me a headache. Before macOS 10.12.4, I was forced to choose between eye strain and a headache. Now I can avoid both.