Google Reader is dead, but Slack’s RSS integration app makes it easy to get non-email notifications for new posts. You can create a dedicated channel for each feed, or just have them go directly to you as private messages.

This makes so much more sense than SMS notifications that I’m killing my cron job. It was a fun project to dip into Rails a bit, but ultimately unnecessary.

Update 2016-06-10: Actually, Slack RSS has a few pain points:

  1. I can’t be 100% sure yet, but it doesn’t seem smart enough to detect when someone has re-arranged their posts — it detects that a “new” article has arrived and re-posts it.
  2. More annoyingly, it reposts an article everytime that article gets updated. This is a feature, not a bug, but I would like it to be optional. I could see this being helpful in some instances such as live-blogging an event, but usually it’s just a distraction. I don’t need to know that the author slightly changed the wording of an article or fixed a typo. I’ve contacted support at Slack to get them to work on this. Some people update their articles half a dozen times after publishing them and all the repostings are a real nuisance.
  3. It only sends excerpts instead of the full posts and the link is to whatever the headline is linking to. In blogs where the headline is a link to an external article and the blog is commentary on the article, I have no way of going to that commentary from within Slack. I have to manually visit the site’s home page and scroll until I find it.

For these reasons I’ve fired up my Rails cron job once more.