John Gruber on Fedora Review, 15 years ago:1

I would sooner use a pair of dirty socks to touch my food than use these tongs. And indeed, despite all the “Use the Tongs” propaganda at the Stop & Shop Au Bon Pain bagel kiosk, there is a tissue paper dispenser under the tongs. I, of course, use the tissue paper. But every time I pick up a bagel, I wonder if it has been touched by those tongs. This dictates how I choose my bagels – I pick from the back, looking for the bagels which appear least likely to have been contaminated.

Reading this piece, I realized that it’s not just his writing about technology that makes Daring Fireball so special. Gruber can write. He has something most people don’t. He is to prose what Vladimir Horowitz is to the piano: loathful to adhere to the expected status quo, tasteful, deeply engaging.

It’s a pity Fedora Review didn’t continue. I would read this site. Tastefully written reviews of things completely irrelevant to its audience. What could be better?

  1. A simple whois lookup on exposes this domain, but the way I came across it was by adding Gruber’s GPG public key from his contact page and noticing that the email address in it was not the same email address as the one provided. Curious, I went exploring. ↩︎