Oh government, we look to you. Please save us from our own private sector. We hand you gladly the keys to our Internet, knowing that you will be the equal provider to all. We know that this will result in higher costs and slower speeds for all, for this is invariably what happens when the government gets its hands involved in the private sector. But we welcome it gladly as the price we must pay, for we know that just because AT&T slows down a website doesn’t mean that a competitor provider will speed up that same provider in order to attract customers; for we have lost all faith in the private sector. We no longer believe in competition or a free market; rather, the government is morally obligated to make an equal playing field for all - not just equal opportunity, but equal outcome as well. We have no concern that the government can do wrong in this, for the people who compose the government are a different species of disinterested people compared to the depraved and greedy private sector. Furthermore we strongly believe that it is better to have all eggs in one basket. If AT&T were to throttle a website, we could go to a different provider, but if the government were to ever do this, we would have nowhere to go. And yet, as worrisome a situation as that may be, the private sector must no longer be entrusted with that which it has been entrusted with for so many decades, because the evidence is all around us every day of how mismanaged the Internet is. So many sites we once could visit are no longer usable for they load so slowly. We cannot even remember their names, it has been so long. Oh government, we look to you.