In many activities of life, we try to make things too bigly. Here are some examples.

  • Beginner runners have strides that are too wide. Shorter strides enable better breathing and less muscle strain.
  • Beginner cyclists have cadences that are too slow. It’s easier to climb a hill with lots of smaller pedal strokes.
  • Beginner house painters make brush strokes go too far. Dipping a brush more often makes the brush last longer and yields better coats.
  • Beginner dieticians eat two large meals per day instead of continuous smaller meals. Smaller meals do a better job with metabolism.
  • Beginner investors invest too much in a few stocks, instead of investing a little bit in a lot of stocks. Aggregate investing is safer and smarter.
  • Beginner software developers put too much code in functions. Smaller functions make code easier to understand.
  • Beginner writers put too many words and ideas in sentences. Shorter sentences are easier to read.

You can probably add several more examples from your experience.